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Glow kids, glow!

Children should be seen, not hurt.

Children are at risk for road traffic injuries for a number of reasons. Younger children are limited by their physical, cognitive, and social development, making them more vulnerable in road traffic than adults. Because of their small stature, it can be difficult for children to see surrounding traffic and for drivers and others to see them.

Glow Kids Glow is a visibility campaign for child-pedestrians where we aim to promote access to, and use of, reflective gear by children. In many low and middle income countries, children are at an increased risk of road accidents because the road is a shared space for playing, working, walking, cycling, and driving.

Our reflective gear of choice is the Halo-beanie. Halo-beanies are made by existing knitting and crochet groups within target communities. The beanies will keep children and adults warm as well as lighting them up for all to see. The beanies come in black, navy, dark green, grey and maroon with green reflective trim. They are non-toxic and washable. One size fits all.

Why Reflective gear?

Schoolchildren often have to wear very dark uniforms as they make their way to and from school every day. Whether they are walking, cycling or just crossing the road after being dropped off in a vehicle, it can be hard to see our darkly clad children especially on dark winter mornings and again when daylight is fading. Many adults are keeping themselves bright – but what about our children? It’s only fair to offer our children the same safety measures many of us take as adults – by helping them to be brighter.

Under normal dark conditions a pedestrian walking on the side of the road is visible to a car from 10 to 60 meters, but if a pedestrian is wearing reflective gear, they would be visible from 120 to 160 meters. This gives a driver traveling at 60km/h 7 to 10 seconds warning!

Why Halo-Beanies?

Children are active, busy little people and they tend to take off anything that interferes with their mobility. Beanies are more likely to be worn by children as they go about their business from the dark early mornings going to school till late afternoons when their parents get home. The added benefit is that the beanies will keep these kids from low-income families warm during our cold and dark winters.

During the day, the Halo-beanies are beautiful, warm, and cosy. But at night, the magic is turned on. The light from a vehicle’s headlights is reflected to the driver, irrespective of the direction the vehicle is coming from. The reflection keeps both the child and the driver safe from trauma.