Car Seats for Kids

A world where every child is safely secured in a car seat,
reducing the risk of serious injury or death in the event of a motor vehicle crash.

Car Seats for Kids

Protecting Our Most Precious Commuters

Car Seats for Kids is a Wheel Well initiative that aims to increase the use of child restraints and seat belts globally. Over the past 10 years, this award-winning campaign has grown to become a multi-faceted initiative that includes Car Seat 101, Car Seat Clinic, and Car Seat Cleaning. This
campaign has already had a significant impact, with over 10,500 children benefitting from its efforts.

A happy baby being strapped into a car seat

So, What is Car Seats for Kids, Exactly?

Our Vision
A world where every child is safely secured in a car seat, reducing the risk of serious injury or death in the event of a motor vehicle crash.

Our Mission
To raise awareness, provide access, and educate parents on the importance of using age-and size-appropriate car seats, booster seats, and seat belts to reduce the risk of serious injury or death to children in motor vehicle crashes. Our mission is accomplished through the Car Seats for Kids campaign, Car Seat 101 workshops, Car Seat Clinics, and Car Seat Cleaning services. We aim to make child restraints affordable for low-income families and promote a culture of safety on South Africa’s roads.

Reducing Risk for Children on the Road
Sadly, motor vehicle crashes are one of the leading causes of death among children in South Africa. In 2021 alone, 878 children under the age of 14 lost their lives as passengers in car crashes. The vast majority of these deaths could have been prevented if the children had been properly secured in appropriate car seats. Children from lower-income families are three times more likely to be affected, which is why Car Seats for Kids is focused on providing support for these families.

Safe and Secure for Every Age
Properly buckling children in age- and size-appropriate car seats, booster seats, and seat belts can greatly reduce the risk of serious and fatal injuries:

• Car seat use decreases the risk of death forinfants (aged 0-1 year) by 71% and for toddlers (aged 1-4 years) by 54% in passenger vehicles.
• Booster seat use reduces the risk of serious injury by 45% for children aged 4-8 years when compared to seat belt use alone.
• Seat belt use reduces the risk of death and serious injury byapproximately half for older children and adults.

Making Child Safety Affordable.

Wheel Well accepts donated child safety seats to create a “seat exchange” program. This program allows families who cannot afford new car seats to receive safe child restraints in exchange for an affordable donation. The seats are thoroughly cleaned and checked for defects before being put into stock. We also encourage parents to return the seats once they have outgrown them, perpetuating the cycle of safety for all families.

a crochet toy lamb sitting in a blue car seat

Our Objectives

  • Raising awareness of the benefits of child restraint use
  • Providing lower-income families with access to safe child restraints
  • Educating parents on the proper installation and use of car seats
  • Advocating for changes in legislation to make appropriate child restraints mandatory for all children under the age of 10

Our Contribution:

  • Car Seat 101 – a workshop for both new and experienced parents on car seat safety.
  • Car Seat Clinic – a car seat installation and fitting service.
  • Car Seat Cleaning – ensuring that car seats are clean and well-maintained for optimal performance in a crash.
  • Administering the seat exchange program to provide safe car seats to families in need.
  • Participating in various events and promotions to raise awareness for the campaign.
  • Delivering presentations on seat belt and child restraint usage to schools, companies, and community groups.
  • Collaborating with stakeholders in the industry to further the goals of the campaign.
  • Sharing information about the campaign on social media, such as the website, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Compiling reports on the allocation of funds and achievement of outcomes.

For more information on this impactful campaign, please contact Peggie Mars, the founder of Wheel
Well, at or call 072 385 7121.