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You can donate seats

We want to help each parent that walks in and asks us for help, and we rely on donations to do so. If you, or anybody you know has a seat that their child has outgrown, please let them know about us and how they can help struggling families. 

You can contact us HERE
Or find our seat drop-off points below!

You can donate funds

We exist because there is a lack of focus on, and activism for, child road safety in South Africa. This means that we sustain our efforts off of the kindness and gratuity of our wonderful sponsors, and our wonderful supporters. 

If you are able, please use THIS LINK to donate.

You can contact us

Throughout our years, we’ve needed and received help from all sorts of folks, from all walks of life. 

If you feel a calling to help us, please feel free to contact us. We welcome any help that we can get in spreading awareness and inciting improvements in road safety for our children. 


Nationwide Drop-off Points

Car Seats for kids