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Halo Beanies: A world where child pedestrians are safe and visible in their shared spaces with vehicles, and every child under the age of 15 is equipped with the tools to protect themselves while walking on the roads.

Halo Beanies!

Children Should Be Seen, Not Hurt.

Our Vision:
Halo Beanies: A world where child pedestrians are safe and visible in their shared spaces with vehicles, and every child under the age of 15 is equipped with the tools to protect themselves while walking on the roads.

Our Mission:
Halo Beanies:To reduce child pedestrian fatalities and injuries caused by road traffic crashes by providing reflective gear and increasing visibility, through the Halo Beanie campaign, in partnership with local communities and organizations. The campaign will empower individuals and organizations to join in creating a safer future for children in South Africa and beyond.

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Every day, children around the world are at risk of being killed or injured in road traffic incidents. Unfortunately, South Africa is no exception, with pedestrian crashes being the leading cause of injury death for children under the age of 15. In 2021, 1167 child pedestrians lost their lives on South African roads. This alarming statistic highlights the need for a visible and proactive solution to keep children safe on the roads. This is where Halo Beanies comes into play, a visibility campaign that aims to protect child pedestrians by making them more visible on the roads.

The Problem:

Low-income and middle-income countries are particularly affected by child road traffic deaths, accounting for 93% of the total number of child road deaths worldwide. Although road traffic injury deaths have decreased in some high-income countries, they are expected to be the fifth leading cause of death worldwide by 2030 and the seventh leading cause of Disability Adjusted Life Years (DALY) lost.

Children are especially vulnerable on the roads, due to their small size, impulsive nature, and their inability to assess risk. Furthermore, children in low- and middle-income countries are often exposed to increased risk as the road is a shared space for playing, working, walking, cycling, and driving. The number of deaths on the roads only represents part of the problem; for every fatality, there are 4.6 serious injuries and 14.9 slight injuries, totaling 42,534 fatal and non-fatal child pedestrian injuries as a direct result of road traffic crashes in South Africa in 2021.

Halo Beanie

The Solution:

Reflective gear is a passive and effective solution to keeping children safe on the roads. Wearing a reflective beanie is all that is required from the child to increase their visibility. 75% of pedestrian crashes resulting in death occur at dawn, dusk, or nighttime, when the risk of a pedestrian being hit by a vehicle is increased by 1,100%. However, this risk is reduced by 85% if the pedestrian is wearing reflective gear. Research conducted by the U.S. Department of Transportation showed that reflective clothing was identified as the most effective means of reducing school children deaths and injuries during darkness.


The Halo Beanies will be knitted by existing knitting and crochet groups, using reflective yarn in conjunction with wool. The beanies will be distributed in local communities through the infrastructure of Rotary Clubs across Africa. A “beanie pack” will be circulated to the knitting groups, containing reflective yarn, wool in various colors, crochet hooks, knitting needles, patterns, instructions, and leaflets on the benefits of reflective gear.

The beanies will be distributed to young children and babies, and the knitting groups will be encouraged to use donated yarn for added local involvement and sustainability. Wheel Well will be responsible for sourcing materials, creating the packs, and overseeing the distribution of the packs.  Feedback will be collected through the sponsors or local Rotary Clubs and forwarded to sponsors.


By sponsoring a Halo Beanie pack, you can ensure the safety of at least 100 children and toddlers. Your support will make a difference in the lives of young children in South Africa and contribute to reducing the number of road traffic incidents.

In conclusion, Halo Beanies is a crucial campaign that aims to combat the devastating reality of child pedestrian fatalities and injuries on South African roads. With the problem of child pedestrian safety, a pressing concern globally, South Africa is no exception. The Halo Beanies, a unique combination of reflective gear and warmth, offer an effortless yet powerful solution to increase the visibility and safety of young children on the roads.

This initiative will bring together existing knitting and crochet communities to distribute the beanies through the use of beanie packs. With the support of sponsors, Halo Beanies aims to secure the safety of a minimum of 100 children and toddlers with each sponsored pack. By joining this movement, you have the opportunity to make a profound impact in the lives of young children and the reduction of road traffic incidents.

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Halo Beanie Selection

For more information on this impactful campaign, please contact Peggie Mars, the founder of Wheel
Well, at or call 072 385 7121.